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October News

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News from the Barnesy Crews antics in October 2005

Barnesy Crew members attacked a West Ham fan in a city centre nightclub, he was punched to the floor and repeatedly kicked before bouncers broke up the fight. 2 members were ejected by bouncers.
Thehouse of a barnesy crew member was attacked. The front door was damaged as they tried to force entry and a window cracked. The Barnesy Crew member attepted to leave the house through the back door but was attacked by the group. They were briefly taken to hospital with head wounds.
Newcastle United vs Sunderland AFC
Around 20 Barnesy crew youths and older men travelled to Newcastle. Following sunderlands defeat sunderland fans including some barnesy crew members charged the goading newcastle fans, newcastle fans scattered and around 50 sunderland fans broke police lines to attack them again using a fence as a battering ram. Barnesy crew youths and men joined in throwing missiles at the home support and continuing to push police lines while those who had been successfull attacked fleeing newcastle supporters until police horses were used to restore some order and police rounded up the away fans.
One Barnesy Crew youth was left injured and bleeding after being attacked by LPC members with a glass bottle. This is thought to be because the local paper reported white youths attacking an asian man nearby.
A 40+ strong group of Barnesy Crew youths gathered intent on fighting LPC members. Two LPC members were attacked and beaten up by many of the group, it looked as though this could start off more scenes of violence like the near riots the area suffered last month. This would without a doubt have been the case had it not been for intervention saving the LPC members. For the rest of the day a higher police presence than normal was obvious.
The police kept up a heavier presence in the area in an attempt to prevent trouble. Police were seen calling on the homes of LPC members and several barnesy crew members were kept out of the street by police to avoid raising tensions.
Despite police keeping to their word and keeping up their heavier presence in the area 10 Barnesy Crew youths still managed to clash with a group of LPC. Rocks were thrown between the groups before the Barnesy Crew charged some weilding sticks and metal poles and attacked the group of LPC. The LPC members scattered and headed to the main road. Not wanting police attention the Barnesy Crew did not give chase.
Sunderland AFC vs Portsmouth
Following sunderlands defeat several portsmouth fans goaded sunderland supporters close to roker avenue, the barnesy crew among them. Fans reacted angrily and trid to attack the portsmouth fans who ran. Within minutes they returned with a mob of around 50 portsmouth fans running over millenium way and charging into the waiting home fans. Barnesy crew members got involved in the fighting until police charged in on horseback and foot with batons drawn to seperate the two groups.

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