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September News

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News from the Barnesy Crews antics in September 2005

Charvers from Pallion, Sunderland attacked a house of a female Barnesy Crew member smashing windows and vandalising her car, unknown to them around 10 Barnesy Crew youths and a couple of Hendon Mad Dogs were in the house who promptly ran outside and attacked the charvers, several punches were thrown before the charvers ran and were chased towards "the raily" until they outran the BC and HMD youths.
Fighting began between barnesy crew and a group of drunken men in the sunderland city centre. One seemed hurt after being hit with a chair by a BC man. Bouncers broke up the fighting and ejected serveral from the bar.
'Boro Vs Sunderland AFC
A Barnesy Crew youth suffered a broken jaw during a clash between rival fans following the match. Police intervened and sunderland hooligans were pushed into the car park where they taunted their 'Boro counterparts. Coaches including one carrying members of the Barnesy Crew were pelted with rocks and other items from 'Boro fans.


Youth disorder is here!

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