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News from the Barnesy Crews antics in August 2005

Barnesy Crew members were involved in a pub brawl in Oldham with some locals who have a history of disputes with a Barnesy Crew member who once lived in the area.
Sunderland AFC vs Charlton Athletic
The opening day of the new premiership season was largely uneventful but some members were spotted throwing coins inside the stadium and asking for fights with Charlton fans following the game and causing minor vandalism of a car displaying a Charlton sticker in its window.
Fighting broke out along Chester Road and its side streets between LPC and Barnesy Crew members. Police later attended and went on show in a street that houses several LPC members and has been the scene of trouble several times.
As Barnesy Crew and LPC members melted away to avoid possible police action more fighting broke out in the afternoon between whites and asians.
Fighting yet again began between whites and asians on Chester Road and the surrounding area in the evening. Several Barnesy Crew members were present. A newspaper report says an asian youth was taken to hospital.
Liverpool vs Sunderland A.F.C
Several Barnesy Crew youths and fellow Sunderland fans fought with Liverpool fans over the Old Firm derby. An argument had broken out when Liverpool fans began to celebrate celtic's goal.
 A dozen Barnesy Crew members were drinking in a local pub breaching ASBO's of two members. Evidence in contrast to the governments claim that ASBO's are controlling trouble makers.
Wigan Athletic vs Sunderland A.F.C
Fighting broke out following the game as victorious wigan fans taunted the Sunderland following. Barnesy crew members were among those who reacted angrily and attacked Wigan fans and later were confronted by police near the stadium as they looked for trouble with locals.

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