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News from the Barnesy Crews antics in July 2005

Following the terrorist attacks in London around 20 angry youths associated with the barnesy crew ignored "orders" from the men running the gang and walked the streets chanting racial abuse and getting into fights with asians. They racially abused asians in the street and challenged several to fights. They also attacked 5 members of the LPC and tempers looked to boil over between white and asian locals near the local mosque.
Another Barnesy Crew member was arrested in unrelated matters.
The serious and more grown up of the Barnesy Crew reared their head today. A small known group of men calling themselves the pallion dozen were blamed for the knife slash of a Barnesy Crew member several weeks ago over drugs being sold in the area, 5 Barnesy Crew youths joined with several men in the 30's and 40's and drove to Pallion searching pubs for the dozen, the youths found two men they recognised and tipped off the men (leading members of the BC) who then waited in the van outside. As the two pallion men left the pub they were both attacked and dragged away into a back lane where the Barnsey Crew beat them both up and one is believed to have been stabbed in the leg, it is unknown wether or not he went to hospital or recieved any attention. They say this is counted as a warning and is the first time i have really been made aware of the older and leading members becoming actively involved in the violence hinting they take this group seriously.
A man was punched by a Barnesy Crew youth and two friends in the Sunderland City Centre, his "crime" was wearing a Newcastle United football shirt. This shows there are Barnesy Crew members who dont follow the "code" of not attacking those who wear "colours" and to concentrate on like minded casuals.
A black youth was once again attacked and racially abused over his actions on the internet. This time he supposedly hacked a barnesy crew members internet accounts. He was punched to the floor and repeatedly kicked and spat on by 3 BC youths after he left a shop in Barnes.
A youth who was once part of the "barnes park mob" but was driven out because of a violent feud with high barnes crew members was attacked in Fulwell in the late hours. I am told he and friends had been drinking with several seaburn casuals hoping he would see a HBC member who helped drive him away from his "mob". BC youths were told what he was doing and travelled to find him, his friends decided not to help him and allowed him to be punched several times and threatened with a glass bottle.
27/07/05  Hull City Vs Sunderland AFC
A small group of Barnesy Crew youths attened the game and became involved in a small fight following the match with a group of Hull supporters adding to further reports of a series of violent incidents and 9 arrests.
Police intervened at the Sunderland Airshow when several Barnesy Crew youths began shouting abuse at 2 men wearing Newcastle United football shirts. One youth lashed out at a man who stuck up for the Newcastle fans.

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