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June News

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News from the Barnesy Crews antics in June 2005


An LPC member was punched but saved by people passing by. I have now long come to the conclusion that this gang and racial violence is deliberately ignored by local media.


A black youth was assualted by a BC member after comments he made on a message board!


In the afternoon white and asian youths clashed in Barnes before LPC members got themselves involved briefly until the appearence of the police. Word spread and around 20 Barnesy Crew members headed down to the spot that night which resulted in small one on one fights with LPC members and an asian man who left his house to get involved. 


One member was arrested after a fight outside a pub beleived to be a row over drugs.


LPC members filled a bin with bricks and other rocks and took it down to the bottom of the "raily" hoping to clash with the Barnesy Crew but had to make do with being abusive to white residents and damaging several cars instead.


One Barnesy Crew member was attacked as he left a pub and slashed across the face with a knife, he also claims he was threatened with being shot. He refused to go to hospital.

Youth disorder is here!

This Site has been set up to describe what has happened not what is going to happen. This site does not express the views of the owner and is not intended to promote violence