The Barnesy Crew

August 06

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A barnesy crew female launched a vicious attack on a girl outside a shop. The girl had called the barnesy member "edgy" and accused her of "thinking she owns the place". The barnesy youth replied by punching her to the floor and repeatedly hitting her head off the curb before leaving her to be helped up by on lookers.

A youth was told if he is seen in the area by barnesy members he will be attacked.



An eventful day ended with the Barnes park mob- the charver side of the barnesy crew seemingly being left out by the main crew after a series of incidents during the day and over the past year or so.

The first incident of the day was unrelated to the BPM. A car pulled up next to a man and a barnesy crew youth jumped out from the passenger seat and struck the man across the head, on the back and in the stomach with a police style baton. His crime was apparently "taking the piss".

A barnesy crew member told me they thought people were forgetting them and needed a reminder and some Barnes park mob members were firm targets.

 Many in the barnesy crew claim the BPM holds back everyone else and stops the group reaching full strength due to many not wanting to be seen "mobbing up" with charvers which often holds back the crew from reaching its top numbers. That is just one of the problems which leads to tension between the BPM and many others involved with the barnesy crew. The BPM is also accused of ignoring what older members say by continuing to rob people of phones and money as they go through Barnes Park. There was previously a fight between the high Barnes crew and Barnes park mob when the Sunderland echo reported a youth being robbed at knifepoint in Barnes Park. There has also been a recent argument when some of the crew said that the BPM was with a set of youths who they had been told to stay away from following previous trouble which included the attempted rape of a barnesy crew youths then girlfriend.

A youth who carried out the attempted rape was approached by barnesy crew youths and an argument began in which he admitted being part of the BPM again and said "the barnes park would have HBC anyday". He was punched and thrown to the floor, kicked in the head twice and had his chest stamped on. He was threatened with being stabbed if he kept mouthing off.

A car belonging to a BPM youth was attacked and had two of its windows smashed and "HBC" scratched into the side of the car. He is said to have been involved in stealing money from somebody in the park.

That night a BPM member was jumped at the entrance to Barnes Park and repeatedly punched and kicked. They say he had been going behind the back of the main crew.


Drunken barnesy crew members walked up Chester road and an LPC member stopped by the road on his bike, as cars wouldn’t stop to let him cross he began shouting racial abuse at the drivers. A barnesy crew youth ran over and kicked him and the bike over. Other members laughed on, one said "shouldn’t shout at the white man, paki cunt"


Southend vs Sunderland

6 barnesy crew members attacked a group of southend fans who were chanting "newcastle" following the match. Other sunderland fans also confronted the home fans and police had to seperate the two sets of fans. A pub was later damaged when fans flared up again as southend fans chanted for newcastle. A window was smashed when a barnesy crew member hurled an ashtray towards the home fans.


After leaving a housepart a barnsey crew member saw an LPC member walking down the backlane. He ran over and grabbed the asian by the head and pushed him down to the floor and stamped on him as another youth watched on.

Aston Villa Vs Newcastle United

As sunderland were'nt playing that day some barnesy headed to birmingham in the hope of confronting newcastle supporters. They struck lucky when they saw a coach of newcasle fans arrive at a service station. Barnesy youths immediatly chanted "sunderland" and "barnesy crew", when newcastle fans shouted back the barn esy crew saw it as a green ligh to fight and hurled full cans of lager at the geordies before running towards them and scattering the small group of geordies who had looked to stand.

During the match the barnesy crew went into an asian area near aston villas stadium. They had been told of asians here trying to confront the SYF  last season. They chanted "BNP" and shouted for asians to come out and fight but took no response.


The LPC attacked a home of several brothers with links to the barnesy crew. They smashed windows of the house, slashed the car tyres and poured paint over the car. Within 20 minutes barnesy members stood in the street armed with bats. They also drove around the back lanes searching for the LPC members.  Not ong later they found the LPC and were chased back down the back lane where they regrouped and charged towards the LPC.  One youth seen as a member of both SYF and barnesy appeared lashing out at the LPC with a walking stick. The LPC eventually ran off and police arrived again. This erupted in the early hours and continued with police appearing several times before trouble stopped.







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