The Barnesy Crew

July 06

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Police had to intervene as trouble began in the city centre for the second week running. Barnesy crew youths heard that the LPC were heading towards the bar and all left and gathered outside. Bouncers watched on as bottles were thrown as LPC members appeared on the corner. Police rushed over and some arrests were made. As police watched on the LPC refused to move and insisted upon going into the bar. The barnesy crew again threw bottles, glasses and ashtrays towards them and a loud chant of "barnesy crew" went up. Police moved in again and this time forced the LPC to move on while making another arrest.




A barnesy crew youth became involved in a fight with geordie charvers on Sunderland metro train. Geordie charvers graffitied on the train and then as the train pulled into a station threw a can of lager at a man on the platform and shouted "mackem puff", at this point the barnesy youth punched the geordie sending him staggering over a seat. As the orther charvers jumped up security ran onto the train and prevented anything more.


In another incident a skirmish broke out between the LPC and barnsey crew on thelma street. LPC youths gathered playing cricket and some barnesy youths began throwing stones down rom the raily. LPC ran up and there were punches thrown before both sides backed away realising each other were armed with bats and other items.




Violence flared in and around barnes park late at night. During the day the barnes park mob confronted younger thornhill LPC members on the raily but after verbal abuse was exchanged  the barnes park mob left the area knowing a mobile cctv van was parked in the street, despite there being no violence it perhaps set the mood for what was to come. A small group of LPC targeted the home of a female barnesy crew member who they beleive has alot of influence over the gang mainly due to her lengthly criminal record. Asians stood outside shouting threats and abuse and one tried to open the front door, 5 barnesy crew youths who were inside the house ran out armed with bats and knives and forced the asians away from the house.  A gun was also waved at the asians. Police arrived on the scene and the asians fled into barnes park, straight towards the barnes park mob who had already been called. A skirmish broke out in the park and the asians retreated again with bricks and bottles flying after them. The air was full of sirens as police and an ambulance arrived and the barnes park mob turned their attention to throwing the odd missile at the police and trying to find the LPC members. Other barnesy crew youths were now arriving at the park and grouping up, chanting "barnesy crew" and throwing missiles towards the police. One asian was found hiding in bushes, he was dragged out and beaten up before police rescued him. After 20 minutes or so the barnesy crew split up and left the park.




A one on fight took place outside a bar in the city centre between a barnesy crew youth and an LPC member as others from both gangs cheered them on. Later that night LPC members spotted a barnesy crew youth walking away from a nightclub and followed him to the raily where they jumped him. Some barnesy youths who were  happening to be walking through the raily came to his rescue.




Carlsile Vs Sunderland


One of the biggest hooligan turnouts in years was added to by around 25 of the barnesy crew who spent the day drinking in Carlisle, few of which attended the match. Towards the end of the match the barnesy crew amde their way closer to the ground, there was a small incident in whicvh barnesy members charged across the road at some carlisle fans but police were quick to pull the fans apart. Mayhem broke out by the train station as sunderland hooligans clashed with some carlsile fans and then with police, some of th barnesy crew were caught up in the trouble ad charged into the train station by police. Inside they were all put onto a train direct forSunderland to stop potential flahpoints in Newcastle. Fans reperatedly got off the train and tried to break out of the station, some succeeding by running along the tracks. There were several attempts for the train to leave but fans pulled the emergency stop lever and again got off the train and clashed with police. Police drew batons and hit out at the fans and sprayed them in the faces with pepper spray as cans and bottles rained down on the police. After around 2 hours the train finally left and police on the train were constantly abused. After realising the train would not even pass through Newcastle fans pulled the emergency lever again to think about how to get to newcastle, they opted to jump off the train at Heworth station where they took over and pub and waited in vain for newcastle hooligans to arrive.




A skirmish broke out between the barnesy crew and LPC in the afternoon. Around 10 barnesy crew youths and several charvers confronted LPC who were playing football on the raily, some barnesy armed with bricks and bottles. Words were exchanged and one LPC youth was hit with a bottle. Several punches and kicks were aimed before police ran up to the raily and both gangs scattered. 2 young charvers who followed the barnesy crew were arrested.


Youth disorder is here!


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