The Barnesy Crew

June 06

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News from the Barnesy Crews antics in June 2006


Violent scenes erupted during the night and early hours as white and Asian youths clashed yet again. The recent high visible police presence has been reduced and already violence is back on the streets. That afternoon a barnesy crew youth claimed an Asian shot at him with an air gun, 4 barnesy crew members then left the pub and confronted the Asian resulting in the Asian being punched. Gangs of Asian youths gathered on the raily that night and groups of white charvers roamed the streets amid a tense atmosphere. A hand full of barnesy crew members drank in a nearby pub watching out for any sign of trouble, a minor scuffle broke out on the raily as white youths passed the Asians and some LPC members ran out their homes attacking the white youths. Within an hour the white youths returned with a 50 strong gang and ran the Asians down from the raily throwing rocks and bottles down at them. Sirens could be heard as police rushed to the scene and both gangs fled. As riot vans shot past the pub the barnesy crew members left and rushed down to see what was going on, as they ran past the mosque a group of LPC ran out of the back lane and attacked the barnesy crew, fighting spilled onto the road and police were forced to head back up the road to break it up, as police did this the white charvers took advantage and ran across the raily again some chanting "en-ger-land", as Asians attacked them again police were forced to control 2 fights on a long stretch of road. Eventually the barnesy crew slipped away down the back lane and rang up other members to join them, after about 20 minutes there was now 10 barnesy crew and they jogged down towards the raily where Asian and white youths were still throwing missiles at each other and police repeatedly tried to chase them off the raily, the barnesy crew ran up from behind the Asians and rushed into them with chair legs and other weapons collected from the back lanes, as they did so the charvers ran into them as well, the Asians were forced to fight on both sides and police seemed powerless to break it up without backup, I watched from the corner of Thelma street (a street well known for LPC activity and racial clashes) and I believe it to be some of the most vicious and hate filled fighting I’ve witnessed away from Tyne & wear derbies. Riot vans parked at the bottom of the raily and police ran up from 3 directions forcing the gangs to try and flee past them or jump from the raily wall.

Meanwhile the barnes park mob (who have distanced from the main barnesy crew) clashed with asians in and around barnes park, Asians are believed to have ran to barnes park to escape police and were jumped as they ran through.



Following white youths being stabbed in clashes with Asian youths in which a mass mob of Asians attacked a small group of whites the Barnesy Crew targeted LPC members all night searching areas around Barnes, Eden Vale and Millfield. In the early hours around 20 barnesy crew members spotted 5 or so LPC members and attacked them, after a minute or so the Asians were all left on the ground and the barnesy crew carried on their search for more LPC even targeting a LPC members house kicking the front door and smashing windows screaming for the LPC member to come out, one barneys crew member waved a knife through the window trying to frighten the people inside. Some police headed down the street and the barnesy crew fled.





Barnesy Crew members clashed with locals in Frankfurt after spending the day drinking in a nearby pub. 6 barnesy members headed to the red light district and encountered hostile locals in one bar. Glasses were thrown and several punches before the barnesy crew fled the bar. Later that night barnesy crew members attacked a group of German youths who were chanting and attatching flags to an english fans car. The german youths were chased along the street and other england fans stepped in and calmed the situation before police arrived.



As some barnesy crew members arrived home from Germany they learnt of several incidents while they were away and almost immediatly targetted those involved. Three homes were vandalised including paint spalshed on the walls, graffitied and windows being smashed. A 21 year old man was beaten up by a barnesy crew member for going out with the 14 year old neice of a barnesy crew member and another man was hit with a bat and kicked as he lay on the floor to settle a row over drugs.

Later that night a barnesy crew youth was arrested. He took line after line of cocaine and began throwing glasses and ashtrays around outside the pub before being hauled away by police.



Around 15 barnesy crew youths headed to fullwell to attack Sunderland Youth Firm hooligans but police stopped the barnesy crew boarding a metro and other barnesy crew members decided it was a waste of time now with police involved.



Fighting broke out in Sunderland city centre. As Barnesy Crew members and other youths drank in a bar several LPC members walked in and began drinking on the opposite side of the bar. After several minutes one barnesy crew member hurled a bottle towards the LPC and screamed "pakis out". The LPC members ran out of the bar and were chased by the barnesy crew, bouncers stood by watching the violence unfold. Outside one barnesy crew member grabbed an LPC youth and repteatedly hit him across the head and kicked him in the face. Police rushed over and grabbed some youths pulling them apart, due to the numbers involved the police did not make arrests and instead told the LPC to go a seperate way and  and hoped it was an end to it. Around 20 minutes later the barnesy crew headed to another bar and encountered a mob of LPC, LPC charged towards the barnesy crew and chased them towards Barnes. One youth jumped onto the metro lines trying to escape the LPC and several LPC jumped onto the lines ahead of him and tried to hit him across the head with a brick. He escaped and rejoined the barnesy crew who were still running. The barnesy crew stood and tried to hold off the LPC but were forced to run again unable to cope with the amount. Police eventually arrived on the scene again and held back the LPC, some tried to rush past police to attack barnesy again but were grabbed by police and the barnesy crew headed off to another bar.



Youth disorder is here!

This Site has been set up to describe what has happened not what is going to happen. This site does not express the views of the owner and is not intended to promote violence