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May News 06

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News from the Barnesy Crews antics in May 2006

Sunderland Vs Arsenal
Before the match  group of Arsenal fans were drinking and chanting in a sunderland city centre pub, sunderland fans in the pub were furious and words were exchanged. As the Arsenal fans left they were followed by 5 Barnesy Crew members and several other sunderland fans, the barnesy crew ran at the arsenal fans and attacked them. Punches were thrown and the Arsenal fans backed away prompting a sunderland fan to run out of the pub and throw his glass of beer at the arsenal fans.
After the game the Barnesy Crew went looking for any Arsenal fans who wanted trouble, one youth was walking towards the city centre in an Arsenal shirt and was punched from behind by a barnesy crew member who was then hit by other members for his actions.
As the barnsey crew chanted anti cockney songs and shouted racist abuse at a black arsenal fan the police intervened and kept the barnesy crew behind on the bridge to allow other fans to leave without trouble.
A SYF hooligan fought his way through LPC members and managed to make it to a pub where he was meeting the barnesy crew. The LPC realsied who was inside and stood outside shouting abuse, barnesy crew members spilled out the pub and the LPC scattered across the road. A couple of glassess were thrown and the LPC retreated.
The Sunderland echo has woken up a bit and printed a story on the front page showing a video of around 15 LPC members beating up a white charver, true the video was made months ago and it appears the echo withheld the story until after the local elections but at least its paying some attention. After the story was printed LPC members posted the front page through barnesy members doors, mocking them of the publicity and the fact it shows them beating up a white youth. In the early evening 6 or so LPC members were sitting at the raily when neighbours confronted them over the pictures, arguments began and some barnesy crew youths got invovled. Fighting spilled out and any escalation was prevented by police quickly arriving. Police watched the street and raily for the rest of the night and prevented barnesy crew members from running past them towards LPC houses.
Around 25 members of the barnesy crew travelled to Heworth expecting a fight with Newcastle youths. Some barnesy members had took the metro and once off the platform in heworth ran into a small group of youths standing around believeing them to be Newcastle. They chased the youths along the road before leaving them and called the rest of the barnesy crew who had travelled by other means. Once everyone was together it was obvious there was to be no meet with newcastle and instead drank in a local pub before heading back to Sunderland.
A group of charvers stood at a metro station shouting abuse to chinese students and other school pupils, some members of the barnesy crew were also at the platform and told the charvers to shut up, one charver began jumping around shouting and a barnesy crew member spat at him. The charvers then walked off and as they got off the platform started shouting at the barnesy crew, barnesy ran up after them and chased them onto the near field managing to catch one, he was thrown down and kicked several times, the other charvs came back to help and ran after a couple of punches were thrown.

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