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April 06 News

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News from the Barnesy Crews antics in April 2006

01/04/06 Everton vs Sunderland

10 barnesy crew members had travelled to Liverpool to see Sunderland take on everton. Following the game the bernesy crew made their way through local estates towards the train station, they constantly chanted and sang along the way and were soon confronted by locals. Fighting broke out and the barnesy crew ran through the estate being chased by local charvers and some everton footbal fans. Once getting into a field the barnesy crew threw rocks back at the scousers and picked up planks of wood trying to fight off the locals.A fence was ripped up and used as a battering ram before they were overpowered and forced to run again. They reached a road in the middle of the estate and began hitting out with cones and rocks they could find. They tipped over bins trying to find weapons even throwing a wheely bin off the head of a scouser. Most of the barnesy crew by now were hurt and eventually got to a pub where safc fans were drinking, they realised what was happening and ran out the pub throwing bottles and glasses and fought off the everton fans and the barnesy crew quickly made their way to the train station still chanting along the way.


In a seperate incident several barnesy crew members rushed to the aid of young charvers being attacked by asians back in Sunderland. The barnesy crew chased the aisans through the back lanes before bumping into a larger gang of LPC who promptly beat up the barnesy crew leaving them with bloodied faces. There were rumours that youths had previously attacked the mosque to spark off asians attacking local people and searching for barnesy crew members.

Rumours of more racial fighting spread across the area, LPC members had supposedly attacked a white man walking his dog leading to white neighbours confronting Asians resulting in a skirmish before police arrived. The barnesy crew were already still angry about some of their members being attacked while others were in Liverpool decided to group up and square up to the Asians. Members from other street gangs such as the Pallion Charver Crew, Hendon Mad Dogs and Millfield Twoc Squad and some football casuals were also present with numbers totally around 30 whites at first. They marched down a well known street notorious for racial trouble and housing alot of the LPC members shouting for the LPC to come out and tried to draw them out by smashing an Asians car window and keying its sides but nothing happened and instead the mob sat on the raily drinking cans and taking various drugs occasionally chanting "barnesy crew" and "B-N-P", after around an hour they got their wish when around 20 LPC members ran up to the raily with sticks lashing out at the barnesy crew, the barnesy crew scattered but managed to regroup and ran into the LPC, the sides fought for several minutes before the LPC retreated down from the raily and along the back lanes, barnesy crew stayed up on the raily realising they had an advantage of being able to see the LPC coming from any direction and rang around getting more numbers down and headed further along to the other far side of the raily incase police arrived and in 30 minutes or so their numbers had doubled at least and eventually the LPC found them and attacked, the LPC numbers had also significant grown. Vicious fighting erupted and both sides charged at each other several times before regrouping, sirens could be heard and the LPC ran off the raily again through the back lanes this time chased by the barnesy crew ad running battles began thought eh back lanes and streets. Other locals came out and joined the fighting, one found a TV in the back lane and threw it narrowly missing an Asians head, rocks and other items flying through the air between the groups. Eventually police caught up with them and many people fled and the fighting melted away.

Older barnesy crew men and former football hooligans later were in the area amid a tense atmosphere and were confronted by local asian men demanding that the youths should be kept under control, the barnesy men argued with the Asians for some time before one Asian threw a punch and a scuffle broke out resulting in one Asian lying on the floor holding a bloodied nose and mouth and the barnesy men drove away.

This night was among the most serious and largest scale of fighting seen in the area for a long time and shows how the police and media really fail to grasp the situation.






Sunderland Vs Newcastle


This has always been a fiery derby and known as one of the biggest in the country and this was no exception and was possibly the worst violence seen at the stadium of light.

The Barnesy Crew spent the day drinking in the city centre and looking for any Newcastle fans, the word spread that the Newcastle fans would be arriving by train at 2pm and would be escorted to the stadiums. Around 1,000 waited near the station for the Newcastle fans as lines of police and riot vans watched on, after a time people suspected the amount of police there were perhaps only there as a decoy while the Newcastle fans were taken another way- they were right and Newcastle fans were not to be walked to the ground, they would instead be put on a metro and escorted from st.peters (nearest station to the stadium) in the hope this would dodge the waiting crowd. Unfortunately for them the crowd by then had headed across the bridge thinking if they walked or go the metro then they would get them either way in this position. Newcastle fans arrived to a heavy escort off the station and the crowd of Sunderland started jeering, throwing missiles and trying to charge past police, Newcastle fans looked worried and stayed still and quiet but as it became clear Sunderland fans couldn’t break police lines they began chanting and goading the mackems, many barnsey crew amongst them. This carried on for around 15-20 minutes until the crowd made their way to the stadium already 10 minutes after kick off.

Inside the stadium was the worst there has been inside the stadium of light. Following Sunderland’s first goal a Newcastle fans was attacked in a home stand, police and stewards stepped in and a small stand off developed in the stand. After Newcastle equalised fans pelted Newcastle fans in the executive boxes with bottles, cans, coins and even seats forcing everyone in the box to take cover and flee inside as some fans tried to climb up to attack them. Following the second goal many fans attempted to charge into the Newcastle stand, barnesy crew members involved. When police blocked the charge, the barnesy crew ran to the front and tried to invade the pitch, the plan was to run across the pitch into the Newcastle fans. Police rushed to the front of the stand and managed to block the attempt. More missiles were thrown at the police and Newcastle fans. After the 3rd goal another charge towards the Newcastle fans was blocked and fighting broke out in another stand as a fan climbed into a box and beat up a Newcastle fan, a barneys crew man then ripped out a seat and threw it into the box. The fans in the stand then became involved with fighting with the police and stewards. After the 4th goal more missiles and seats were thrown and many fans ran out of the stadium and straight towards the away end breaking past police lines and attacking a group of Newcastle fans, people were hurt and bloodied before police restored order. Thousands of mackems then gathered chanting and throwing missiles at police and the Newcastle fans before police charges forced them away from the stadium. This went on for some time until the fans gathered on the bridge and began smashing up cars and buses making their way across, buses had windows smashed and doors kicked in, cars were dented and had things thrown off them. Some casuals were annoyed and tried to put a stop to it but had little success and even had a fence thrown at them by fellow Sunderland fans. Fans were charged into the city centre by police where they smashed windows and other random objects and chased some Newcastle fans into a metro station, the train was kicked and had bricks thrown at it as it pulled away and police stepped in. One officer ran out the station after the fans and was surrounded, he was kicked and perhaps saved by the fact he had a baton and that it wasn’t long before other officers came to his aid. This continued for around an hour as police repeatedly charged at rioting fans. Newcastle fans may deny it but the truth is Sunderland “hooligans” certainly took the upper hand that day with continued attempts to attack the Geordies throughout the day and the Geordies tried nothing at all in return. Trouble is rare in stadiums now but police almost lost control in the stadium of light and even tannoyed for fans to return to their seats and stay calm- only for the seats to be ripped up. This was the worst violent scenes seen in Sunderland in a long time.





A barnesy crew member, a female, left a local pub and was almost immediatly approached by 3 asians, one punched her twice knocking her to the ground and shouted "LPC" before they walked away, she was knocked out and suffered bleeding from the mouth.




A group of 20 or so barnesy crew members and a Sunderland Youth hooligan met up and went searching for the LPC aiming for revenge after the girl was attacked the night before. The Youth lad punched an asian to the ground and told him to bring "his paki mates" out to see them. Later the barnesy crew rang up an LPC member to arrange a fight and finish it all but the LPC decided to stay away and the barnsey crew instead had a house party drinking and taking drugs long into the night claiming a result over the LPC.






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