The Barnesy Crew

March News 06

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News from the Barnesy Crews antics in March 2006



A barnesy crew youth was attacked and robbed by LPC members. Later that night barnesy youths gathered on the raily and beat up a LPC youth, burning his possessions and leaving im looking badly hurt after throwing him from the raily wall.




Barnesy crew and LPC youths clashed after barnesy crew members spent the day and night looking for LPC members. Large groups on each side fought running battles through the streets and along the raily until police arrived and calmed the situation.




Youths belonging to the LPC and barnesy crew again fought in the streets off Chester road. Members of other street gangs such as the Hendon mad dogs also arrived on the scene to square up to the Asians.




Sunderland vs. Wigan


Police stepped in before the game as a small group of fans clashed with Wigan supporters, barnesy crew members were caught up in the incident and fled from police.

Following the game around 1,500 Sunderland fans gathered outside the stadium to protest about the chairman, many hooligans including the barnesy crew among them. As police moved in coins and other small items were thrown towards them and angry fans began chanting anti police chants such as “Harry Roberts”. Fans surged forwards towards the police several times and were pushed back by a line of mounted police; fans replied by sitting down while others threw missiles and kicked out at police as the protest began to take a violent turn. Police dragged fans away arresting who they could as they tried to split up the mass of Sunderland fans so the chairman could leave the stadium safely. Police shut the gates trying to keep fans away from the entrance of the stadium but the gates were kicked back open by fans that again surged towards the police and pushed over fences trying to get towards the entrance. The protest by now had simply become hooligans clashing with police as young charvers watched on throwing rocks and coins. After mounted police moved in again followed by police taking out batons the crowd finally melted away after around an hour of protests and clashes.




A riot broke out following a small fight between Asian and white pupils at a nearby school. Asian families arrived on the scene and attacked white pupils who were fighting their children. More white pupils then got involved and police were called to calm the situation. Around an hour later the barnesy crew and lethal paki crew were both hanging around looking to settle it without police. Both sides had numbers of at least 50 people who then fought running battles across the area en masse and in smaller groups whilst smashing property. Weapons such as bats, knives and air guns were used in the violence which calmed down when a large police presence became apparent.




Police were determined to keep the peace and kept up a heavy presence in the area and constant patrols of riot vans. Several flashpoints were calmed down when white and Asian neighbours confronted each other about the behaviour of their children but violence broke when barnesy crew youths attacked the home of LPC member kicking the front door and smashing front windows before beating up 2 LPC members in the same street. LPC members rushed to the scene and the groups were kept apart by police but rocks and bottles were thrown.



Sunderland Vs Blackburn


Fans were incensed when he club announced that fans would not be able to protest at the main entrance. Furious fans including the barnesy crew headed for the main entrance anyway intent on showing their anger. The protest was mostly calm with the exception of some youths throwing coins and plastic bottles. When a large banner was shown bearing "Murray Out" the police acted and lashed out at those holding the banner and tried to pull it from them. Furious fans then charged at the police pushing police lines and hand to hand fighting between fans and police broke out, mounted police then charged in trampling those who were again holding the banner, fans complained many innocent fans were attacked or bullied by police and many including children slightly injured when mounted police charged into the crowd. The barnesy crew then gathered in the car park and started throwing rocks up at the police chanting "Harry Roberts" while other Sunderland hooligans fought the police by the south stand of the stadium eventually melting away with police chasing charvers who were attempting to smash up the Sunderland ticket office whilst being encouraged by several barnesy crew members. A Blackburn fan who was watching the protest also complained he was attacked by Sunderland fans who punched him in the face while he was standing with his son watching the violence unfold.





A barnesy crew member was beaten up in Newcastle after walking into a pub and saying barnesy would kill the newcastle hooligans at the upcoming derby match




The run up to the derby continued to heat up as the barnesy crew attacked several newcastle casuals. The barnesy crew were told newcastle youth hooligans would travel to barnes supposedly checking out the opposition before the derby reserve game and the real derby came up over the next few weeks. As the 5 newcastle casuals got off the bus they were stunned to see around 15 barnesy crew members standing in wait, the barnesy crew ran at them and the newcastle casuals ran away but one was caught and thrown to the floor before being repeatedly kicked. The atmopshere among hooligans seems to be getting bigger and more tense by the day amid reports that all police leave has been cancelled in order to try and keep the peace at the reserve and senior team derby games and after the previous game at st. james park serious trouble is being expected at both games.




Local newspaper today claimed that 13 people have been arrested following recent racial violence already reported by this site, police have also vowed to yet again increase patrols in the area and parents are being asked to escort children t and from school in a bid to prevent violence involving pupils, gangs of barnesy crew members and LPC are being kept away from the school by police who blame them for the trouble. It amazes me to see how the local media ignore the violence constantly until they think it can show the police in a good light or the whites in a bad light in which case the trouble is quickly reported despite being based on events of a week ago and even then the local paper manages not to mention what the fighting was about and who was involved. Again problems are swept under the carpet by the media and locals continue to suffer the problems leading to such trouble.

Youth disorder is here!

This Site has been set up to describe what has happened not what is going to happen. This site does not express the views of the owner and is not intended to promote violence