The Barnesy Crew

February 06

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News from the Barnesy Crews antics in February 2006

West ham vs Sunderland
The barnesy crew became embroiled in a fight with west ham fans before the match and then spent the match trying to provoke home fans. A local newspaper reported that a police officer was taken to hospital after being attacked by sunderland fans on a train following the match.
Some barnesy crew youths as young as 12 sat in barnes park drinking cheap cider and smoking cannabis before being attacked by another group of charvers and being chased from the park. They rang an older youth and after around 20 minutes around 15 barnesy crew members arrived at the park, one as old as 25. They found the group of charvers and attacked them getting them on the floor and repeatedly kicking them and throwing rocks off their bodies, hitting one over the head with a large stick knocking him out.
In a seperate incident an older barnesy crew man and convicted football hooligan, in his mid forties beat up another man outside a pub after he was accused of not paying for some cocaine he got from younger members.
Around 20 youths belonging to the barnesy crew and LPC clashed again. Terrified people ran into their homes as the groups began throwing rocks and bottles from opposite ends of the street before charging at each other. They ran off at the sound of the sirens.
A barnesy crew youth was arrested after they were identified as being part of the violence the night before.

Youth disorder is here!

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