The Barnesy Crew

January 06

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News from the Barnesy Crews antics in January 2006

Sunderland Vs Northwich
As predicted a fair amount of Newcastle fans attended this game and trouble was unavoidable. Prior to the game a small group of newcastle supporters walked through the city centre from sunderland train sation and were pelted with bottles and glasses before police moved the crowd on but the mood had been set. During the game fans in the away end made it clear they were Newcastle and as they left sunderland fans tried to leave the stadium to confront them, barnesy crew members among them but with little success. Following the game anti newcastle chants rang around outside the stadium and several people were attacked by the barnesy crew who believed them to be newcastle supporters. Police pushed on a crowd of fans many of which seaburn casuals and barnerys crew members looking to confront any visitors.
Sunderland vs Chelsea

This marked an eventful and bad day for the barnesy crew. Before the match a barnesy crew youth and 2 friends were chased along "the raily" by a mob of at least 30 members of the Leathel Paki Crew and only escaped by managing to run into a relative’s home before the LPC made it to the street. Just before one had made a call tipping off other members of the barnesy crew that some Chelsea casuals were heading into the town centre- trouble then broke out near a city centre park and the barnesy crew were beaten back until police arrived and another member was hurt in a small clash between fans following the game. Fans left chanting abuse towards the Chelsea fans who reacted angrily leaving the youth with a bloodied face. That night after drinking in Fulwell 2 youths with links to the barnesy crew were beaten unconscious at a metro station by a small group of charvers.





Following the incident involving the LPC on Sunday around 20 barnesy crew youths gathered on the raily intending to find any LPC members, major trouble may have been prevented by the arrival of the police. One youth threw a bottle towards a police car before the group scattered.




West Brom Vs Sunderland


Following the game around 15 members of the barnesy crew joined in chanting and as WBA fans shouted abuse the barnesy crew began throwing objects such as cans and coins before trying to pull down a fence to get at west brom fans, mounted police were used to disperse the crowd of gathering fans. There were also reorts of sunderland coaches being damaged when clashes broke out.




Brentford vs Sunderland


Following the match 3 barnesy crew youths were drinking in a pub with known sunderland hooligans when the pub was attacked by brentford fans, some sunderland fans chased the attackers out of the pub and down the street before it became clear it was a set up and a mob of around 50 brentford fans were waiting for them. They ran back into the pub and within seconds the windows were smashed and the door damaged as both sides threw objects including the pubs chairs and tables. The brentford fans were held off until the police arrived to break up the violence.




Sunderland vs Middlesbrough


After the game hundreds of sunderland fans includeing the barnesy crew took our their anger by trying to attack the boro fans, upon failing they turned their attention to the police with constant chants of abuse about boro fans and about police, many objects were thrown at police lines such as rocks, bottles and even car parts taken from cars parked on the road. After several police charges the mob was pushed onto a bridge towards the city centre where they attacked a police car and hurled more missiles towards police lines before finally being dispersed and running into pubs and onto metro trains to escape the police.





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