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This page will keep you up to date with their exploits on the streets and at Football.
News of their antics in May 2005

Sunderland AFC vs Stoke City 08/05/05

30 barnesy crew members drank from the early hours of the morning in a pub illegally serving alchohol so early (09.00 AM). During the game the barnesy crew were among those shouting constant abuse along with showing hand gestures to provoke the Stoke following and even racially targeting a black fan with chants of "you black bastard!". The Punjab Army (asian sunderland fans) pumped the fantastic atmosphere with drums just to be met with chants of "B-N-P" by the barnesy crew. Towards the end of the game Stoke casuals left the ground. Members of the barnesy crew and Seaburn Casuals spotted this and also left, punches were then thrown outside the ground and police had to seperate the fans. The day sank into parties across the city centre but violence wasnt over for the Barnesy Crew as they hurled bottles at a Pub bouncer after he told them to stop chanting and became involved in a brawl with black passers by.

Sunderland AFC parade 09/05/05

The barnesy crew werent impressed with the family atmosphere and once again hurled abuse at the Punjab army as they banged their drums and had to be pushed back by police to avoid violence. They then held a house party with members of the feared Hendon Mad Dogs (sunderlands most brutal street gang) and took illegal drugs into the night and chanted abusive songs about various football players and republican figures.


I have spoken to one Barnesy Crew member, a female! She is said to have a reputation for violence and has a string of arrests to her name. She has invited me out to meet people next week. I have accepted the invitation and hope to get good notes for my ultimate goal which is to write a book.


I met up with a female Barnesy Crew member, said to be a leading figure suprisingly. She is, in my opinion, mentally unstable (im sure she will take that as a compliment). We met up with around 15 males many of which dressed smartly in top designer clothes and others dressed as ordinary charvers among several females. Most there were obviously on drugs and all of them were drunk. I was allowed to speak to them and take notes. Let me tell you some of them were nasty people capable of serious violence in my opinion.

After around two hours of drinking on the streets they met up with the Barnes Park Mob (around 10 of them) mainly charvers with several casuals and everyone ventured up to a rough area called Pallion. When we arrived i was told we were there to fight the "charver crew". Eventually several charvers came over and told us that we were "fucked", one of them was punched and they ran off. 10 minutes later around 25 charvers ran at us from a back lane and fighting spilled out into the road. This carried on for about 10 minutes until the police arrived and broke it up, i had to explain my situation to be allowed to leave.

Later on that night i met up with the female yet again who informed me "it kicked off proper" after i left and missiles were thrown at police. She also indicated she had a gun and that if i was a "pig" she would "do a Harry Roberts". An interesting evening to say the least and it will make a good book.


A close friend of the Barnesy Crew was attacked by 5 members of the leathel paki crew (LPC). He fought them off but the barnesy crew are looking for the LPC.


A member of the LPC was punched to the floor in a crowded street and 3 others were chased for 10 minutes by a gang of around 10 Barnesy Crew members. They then gave nazi salutes and chanted "National Front" outside of the local Mosque (which recently had to concrete its windows after countless acts of vandalism).


I intended on posting several pictures of the Barnesy Crew which were taken today but several objected to the idea for obvious reasons. I was talking with several for 3 hours today on the "raily", a known area for underage drinking and drug use. The 4 lads i was speaking with were all drinking cans of lager and bottles of cheap cider whilst smoking cannabis. Despite it being a no alchohol zone and concerns about the area raised in the past i saw no police officers or anything to put youngsters off from using the area.


A fight was arranged between the Barnesy Crew and the LPC. At 10pm around 40-50 White charvers with links to the Barnesy Crew headed to the "raily", some armed with various weapons such as golf clubs and baseball bats tucked up their sleeves. The raily was once a popular haunt for the LPC but the popularity has decreased with the growth of the Barnesy Crew. As the Barnesy Crew arrived several rocks, bottles and cans were thrown from the raily down onto the BC, many ran up trying to attack LPC members who had now ran across the grass area to regroup. Once they regrouped they began to chant "osama" and scattered when the BC charged again, many fled the area except several who were caught by the BC and given a few kicks and punches. The BC claimed victory and around 20 left the area in case the police arrived but the rest stayed put to drink alchohol. At 11:40 the LPC returned with greater numbers, at least 60 of them walked up and told the BC to get together, despite BC members making frantic phone calls to get more numbers people were now miles away or too intoxicated to do anything. BC decided to hope for the best and charged at LPC but only to beaten back. As they tried to regroup they were pelted with rocks, coins and sticks. I then made my leave for own safety. I hear that fighting went on for another 20 minutes and the BC took a good beating and amazingly not a single police officer was on the scene all night.


An LPC member lost a fight to a BC member. One youth was warned about threatening behaviour when police arrived.


Two female members claim they were shot at in a drive by incident as they left a shop.


A BC members car window was smashed by an asian youth

Youth disorder is here!

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